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Sewage Cleanup


Sewage is any waste water or materials that are disposed of through sewers. The majority of waste water and sewage is created by kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets, although commercial businesses also produce sewage in the form of liquid waste. Sewage can also come from water that collects on roofs and high-standing areas. Sewage usually goes to a separate treatment center from storm. Sewage has a nauseating odor, and contains contaminants like raw materials and chemicals that can create biologically harmful and dangerous fumes.

ExecuClean has tested methods for proper sewage removal and treatment, which includes removing the sewage and waste-water from the area and treating it to remove the toxic organic and inorganic compounds. We create a solid waste matter that we can then put back into the environment to be reused again. We wear protective gear and masks to make sure we do not come into contact with the toxic fumes that sewage releases. We also stay very aware of any sinkholes or contaminated soil around the area. When soil does come into contact with the sewage, it has to be removed and replaced. If the septic system has ruptured or is leaking, we will pump the system as well.

After a sewage spill or leak, you can take the following precautionary actions:

  • Call the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and follow their procedure
  • Contact the National Environmental Services Center for additional tips and suggestions

Water Damage Restoration

After flooding from a storm, water overflow or sewer backup, extracting the water from your property as quickly as possible is critical in order to prevent further damage and danger.

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage is any waste water or materials that are disposed of through sewers.

Mold Remediation

Mold and water extraction often go hand in hand because areas with standing water are prime breeding grounds for mold to grow and multiply.

Lead Abatement

As a certified lead abatement company through the Illinois Department of Public Health, prior to doing demolition work at any facility, ExecuClean tests for lead.

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ExecuClean Restoration is a licensed and certified contractor with IICRC, EPA and the Illinois Department of Public Health.


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